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Starter packet for Community Based Elderly Care

Many people got interested in the project and asked for material for reference and teaching. Unfortunately our resources are very limited and don't allow us to meet everyone's requests.
Therefore we created an information packet that includes what is needed in order to run the project so that interested people have something to start with.


Please feel free to download files of your interest.

Project description
This project description helps you to understand and to realize the project in easy explained, small steps.
Project description pdf.pdf
PDF-Dokument [459.2 KB]
Book: Lessons in Basic Elderly Care: A guide for lay health workers
This book is a reference for learning and teaching others basic knowledge and skills in elderly care.
It provides prepared lessons in order to train others who are also involved in this kid of service. Some parts can be interesting for trained nurses as well.
Lessons in basic elderly care.pdf
PDF-Dokument [8.4 MB]
Book: Let's keep active!: Guidelines for activation and exercises for the elderly
This booklet gives ideas and instructions on how to plan attractive and effective exercises, both
physical and mental. It makes the understanding, planning and implementation of exercises much easier.
Let's keep fit.pdf
PDF-Dokument [5.6 MB]
Quick Guide - How to prevent or deal with possible age related impairments
This quick guide allows an easy look-up and provides some tips about prevention, treatment and nutrition.
Quick guide - How to prevent and deal wi[...]
PDF-Dokument [467.4 KB]
Poster - general advices for the elderly
This poster give simple advices to the elderly on how to conduct a healthy life. It could be hung in health centres or in any place where old people gather.
Poster English.pdf
PDF-Dokument [32.7 MB]
There are three leaflets. One gives general advices for the elderly and can be handed out directly to them as a reminder. The second one is specific for the people having dementia and can be useful for caretakers or people who deal with them. The third one gives advice fpr people suffering from constipation.
Leaflets english.pdf
PDF-Dokument [2.2 MB]
File charts
These are the charts needed to make the assessments and keep monitoring the elderly. Each old person should have a file with these four charts:
1. Assessment chart: document to fill in the first time you visit the person to get all information you need to give an appropriate and holistic care.
2. Observation chart: to keep record of Pulse, BP, Respiration, Blood Sugar (if needed), etc.
3. Drug chart: to keep record of the drugs taken by the patient.
4. Course chart: to keep record of how the patient is doing (improvements, degenerations, etc.) and what you do or advice during your visits.
All charts.pdf
PDF-Dokument [720.1 KB]

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